HotelFeatures request message

Tabular overview of all nodes, which may occur in this message. See legend below for description of table columns.
Note: Some sibling elements or complete sub-trees of the hierarchy may be defined as mutually exclusive alternative choices. This information cannot be expressed in this tabular overview. Please refer to schema diagram for a graphical representation of the message schema.

Hotel features request root element
Note to Keyword usage: if no keyword is sent in request the XX/1 will display all features of a property. However, this can be turned off by sending Keyword NONE. Note also that NONE has higher precendece as any other keyword - meaning if other keywords are sent along with NONE - still no features will be displayed.
Version number. 0..1 1.0
ISO language code. A two letter code as defined by ISO-639-1. This code specifies the requested language for text content. Default value is 'en'.0..1
Sale information group0..1
City code. 0..1 MIA
Country code. 0..1 US
Currency code. 0..1 USD
Decimal position in fare amount. 1 2
Check in date in ISO 8601 format (yyyy-mm-dd). 1 2001-12-25
Check out date in ISO 8601 format (yyyy-mm-dd). 0..1 2001-12-25
Hotel chain code. 0..1 HH
Identifies the source of this element. In other words where the content originates from. Not limited to GDS, applicable to direct connect as well. 0..1 1A, 1V, or other.
City code. 1 MIA
Property code. 1 002343
Keyword used to request a specific Hotel Feature. Valid values are:
NONE = do not display features - only Hotel section in response with property basic info. This keyword can be used to turn off default behavior wich in absence of Keyword elements displays all features of a property.
BOOK = Booking guidelines and policies
CATG = Category
CCRD = Credit Card policy
COMM = Commission
CORP = Corporate rates
CTCS = Contacts
CXLP = Cancellation policy
DESC = Rate code description
DINE = Dinning facilities
DIRS = Directions to Hotel
DPST = Deposit Information
EXTR = Extra charges
FACI = Facilities
FAMI = Family plan
FREQ = Frequent Traveler
GRPS = Group information
GUAR = Guarantee policy
HELP = Customer Service
INDX = Retrieves promo and contact for hotel
LOCT = Hotel Location
MEAL = Meal information
MEET = Meeting facilities
MNMX = Minimum / maximum stay
OTHR = Other
PROM = Promotional information
RECR = Recreation
ROOM = Room / unit types available
SAFE = Safety features
SERV = Services available
TAXS = Tax information
TRAN = Area Transportation
TRVL = Travel Industry information.


NodeName of message node (element or attribute). Nodes in bold type are mandatory, if their parent element occurs in the message. Point mouse cursor at table cell to view complete XPath.
DescriptionDescription of meaning and usage of the node.
ValuesList of predefined values (each in square brackets) or range of values ("[a] to [z]") allowed for the node, if formally defined in the schema.
OccursMinimum and maximum number of times the node must/may occur, if its parent element occurs in the message. Examples:
0..3 Node is optional and may occur up to 3 times.
1..N Node must occur at least one (mandatory) and may occur any number of times.
2 Node must occur exactly twice.
ExampleExample value for the node.

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