FareRules request message

Tabular overview of all nodes, which may occur in this message. See legend below for description of table columns.
Note: Some sibling elements or complete sub-trees of the hierarchy may be defined as mutually exclusive alternative choices. This information cannot be expressed in this tabular overview. Please refer to schema diagram for a graphical representation of the message schema.

Fare rules request root element1
Version number. 0..1 1.0
ISO language code. A two letter code as defined by ISO-639-1. This code specifies the requested language for text content. Default value is 'en'.0..1
Departure city. 1 MIA
Departure date in ISO 8601 format (yyyy-mm-dd). 1 2002-10-01
Arrival city. 1 JFK
Fare basis code. 1 Y26
Identifies the source of this element. In other words where the content originates from. Not limited to GDS, applicable to direct connect as well. 0..1 1A, 1V, or other.
Ticket designator code.

0..1 ATM1
Airline code. 1 AA
Unique fare reference key. If present in pricing response messages, must be included in FareRulesRQ.0..1
Fare indicator (Worldspan only). Values are: A = MoneySaver, B = Joint. [A] [B] 0..1 A
Text indicator (Worldspan only). Values are: A = Full-text, B = Mini-rule. [A] [B] 0..1 A
Specifies the type of fare. Values are:
PUBL = Published fares only,
NEGO = Private (negotiated) fares only, BOTH = Published and private Fares,
0..1 PUBL
Fare Rules options group0..1
Negotiated fares (Private fares) group0..1
Pseudo city under which private fares are stored. 1 18C6
Corporate info group1
Specifies the corporate account number to use to price private fares. 0..1 PASS
Specifies the contract code, to use to price private fares. 0..1 00001
Fare qualifier. 0..3 JCB, PFA
Fare rule group0..1
Fare rule category, possible values are:
ACC Accompanied Travel
ADD Add-Ons
AGT Agent Discounts
APP Rule Application
BLA Blackout Dates
BOC Booking Code
CHD Children Discounts
CMB Combinability
COT Co-Terminals
CTC Circle Trip Combinability
DAY Day and / or Time Application
DEP Deposits
DSC All Other Discounts
END Ticket Endorsements
EOE End On End Combinability
EXD Travel Restrictions (deprecated, use TVL instead)
FBR Fare By Rule
FLT Flight Application
GRP Groups
HIP Higher Intermediate Point / Mileage Exceptions
ICT International Construction
LIS List All Restrictions
MAX Maximum Stay
MIN Minimum Stay
MIS Miscellaneous Provisions
NET Negotiated Fares
OPJ Open Jaw Combinability
ORE Open Return
OTH Other
PEN Penalties
REF Refunds
RER Reroute
RES Advance Reservation / Ticketing Restrictions
ROU Routings
SEA Seasonality
SPP Special Provisions
STP Stopovers
SUR Surcharges
TCO Tour Conductor Discounts
TKT Sales Restrictions
TOU Tours
TRF Transfers
TVL Travel Restrictions
VCT Visit Another Country
VOL Voluntary Changes
VRF=Voluntary Refunds
WHO Eligibility

[ACC] [ADD] [AGT] [APP] [BLA] [BOC] [CHD] [CMB] [COT] [CTC] [DAY] [DEP] [DSC] [END] [EOE] [EXD] [FBR] [FLT] [GRP] [HIP] [ICT] [LIS] [MAX] [MIN] [MIS] [NET] [OPJ] [ORE] [OTH] [PEN] [REF] [RER] [RES] [ROU] [SEA] [SPP] [STP] [SUR] [TCO] [TKT] [TOU] [TRF] [TVL] [VCT] [VOL] [VRF] [WHO] 1..N PEN
Fare line number from a fare display
0..1 01
Used for Historical Fare Rules retreival0..1
Specifies departure or arrival date in ISO 8601 format (yyyy-mm-dd). 1 2001-12-25
Departure or arrival time in ISO 8601 twenty-four hour clock format. 0..1 14:00


NodeName of message node (element or attribute). Nodes in bold type are mandatory, if their parent element occurs in the message. Point mouse cursor at table cell to view complete XPath.
DescriptionDescription of meaning and usage of the node.
ValuesList of predefined values (each in square brackets) or range of values ("[a] to [z]") allowed for the node, if formally defined in the schema.
OccursMinimum and maximum number of times the node must/may occur, if its parent element occurs in the message. Examples:
0..3 Node is optional and may occur up to 3 times.
1..N Node must occur at least one (mandatory) and may occur any number of times.
2 Node must occur exactly twice.
ExampleExample value for the node.

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