CCValidation request message

Tabular overview of all nodes, which may occur in this message. See legend below for description of table columns.
Note: Some sibling elements or complete sub-trees of the hierarchy may be defined as mutually exclusive alternative choices. This information cannot be expressed in this tabular overview. Please refer to schema diagram for a graphical representation of the message schema.

Credit card validation request root element1
Version number. 0..1 1.0
The requesting agencies IATA code. Required by Worldspan.0..1
Credit card group1
Identifies the source of this element. In other words where the content oroginates. Not limited to GDS, applicable to direct conect as well. 0..1 1A, 1V, or other.
Credit card code. 1 VI
Credit card number. 1 4011332650121978
Credit card expiration group. This group is not supported by Galileo.1
Credit card expiration month. 1 02
Last two digits of the credit card expiration year. 1 06
Authorization request group.0..1
Amount (without decimal) to be authorized. 1 100 (one hundred)
Currency code. 0..1 USD
CarrierCode required for authorizations. 1 DL
Verifiies the address on CC (entered as form of payment in PNR) issued in US/Canada. The CC FOP and associated CC address must have been entered prior using this option. Restrictions: end transacted PNR is required.1
This flag can be set to only verify the address on a credit card not the credit card (A) or to validate the CC (C - NOT IMPEMENTED YET) or to validate both (B - not implemeneted yet). If omited - default behaviour like C.[A] [B] [C] 0..1
Address group0..1
Address. 1 5301 Blue Lagoon Drive
City. 1 Miami
Postal code or zip code. 1 33126
State. 0..1 FL
Country. 1 USA
CarrierCode required for authorizations. 1 DL


NodeName of message node (element or attribute). Nodes in bold type are mandatory, if their parent element occurs in the message. Point mouse cursor at table cell to view complete XPath.
DescriptionDescription of meaning and usage of the node.
ValuesList of predefined values (each in square brackets) or range of values ("[a] to [z]") allowed for the node, if formally defined in the schema.
OccursMinimum and maximum number of times the node must/may occur, if its parent element occurs in the message. Examples:
0..3 Node is optional and may occur up to 3 times.
1..N Node must occur at least one (mandatory) and may occur any number of times.
2 Node must occur exactly twice.
ExampleExample value for the node.

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