The TicketVoid transaction serves the purpose to void an existing ticket. The ticket to void is specified by its 13 digit ticket number. If the ticket specified is part of a conjunctive set, all tickets belonging to the set are voided.

In addition to the ticket number, the following data is required:

  • the record locator of the PNR the ticket was issued for
  • the IATA number and pseudo city code of the agency requesting the void
GDSrules for latest point in time when a ticket can be voided
Amadeus (1A)until the end of the business day (23:59)
Apollo (1V) same day of issue (23:59)
Galileo (1G)same business day (23:59)
Sabre (1W)

depending on whether sale via ARC or BSP:

  • ARC (see tktfo195 in FormatFinder): Until midnight the day after ticket issuance
  • BSP (see tktfo196 in FormatFinder): Until the end of the business day (23:59)
Worldspan (1P)no information available

Until 12:00 PM local time of the agency at the day of issuance, tickets can be voided. Afterwards, payment information is transferred to ARC / BSP and a void is not possible any more, but a refund or exchange is required.