PNRViewRS is not a transaction of its own, but the uniform response message for several different PNR related transactions, namely:

In addition, the structure of the PNRViewRS message may occur as a substructure within the following response messages:

PNRViewRS displays the content of the PNR.

In addition to that it can also display the history of a PNR.


There are several elements and attributes in this request and response message that are using OTA codes of different OTA categories to show information.

You can download the OTA code list from our Downloads section.

In some cases the OTA codes are currently not able to display all possible information. In these cases vendor-specific codes as there are returned from the provider system will be returned instead.

Schema & Definition

Find per request and response message:

  • visual and textual representations of the XML schemas, which are easier readable
  • minimum and a maximum elements example to start from to create example messages
  • the pure XML schema file (.xsd)
  • PNRViewRS.htmVisual representation of the schema.
  • PNRViewRS t.htmTextual description of the content for the request and the response XML elements and attributes.
  • PNRViewRS 2.xmlExample XML with all (mandatory and optional) elements. Additionally all elements that can occur more than once are shown repeated twice.