The PNRSplitRQ transaction may be used to split a multi-traveler PNR into two separate PNRs, each containing a distinct subset of the travelers from the original PNR.

The PNRSplitRQ transaction may also be used to split several travelers and/or unassigned seats from a group pnr into a separate PNR. If a traveler with infant is splitted from PNR, the infant will be splitted aswell and does not need to be specified in the PNRSplitRQ.

The PNRSplitRS response message will contain a complete PNRViewRS message for the newly created PNR as a child element.

Schema & Definition

Find per request and response message:

  • visual and textual representations of the XML schemas, which are easier readable
  • minimum and a maximum elements example to start from to create example messages
  • the pure XML schema file (.xsd)