ItineraryPriceRQ/RS can be used to price booked (present in PNR) air segments. 

ItineraryPriceRQ allows traveler selection, segment selection, supports negotiated, corporate and published fares pricing. The basic request message makes certain assumptions in the event previously mentioned pricing parameters are not set in the request:

  • all passengers in the PNR will be priced
  • all booked air segments will be considered

Prerequisite is a PNR in AAA. However, the PNR does not have to be end-transacted for this message in order to be used. The pricing can be performed in a session right after air segment sell. In this case the RecordLocator element is not required in the request.

Note that this message does not store the fare – please use PNRCreateRQ to store fares in PNR.

  4 types of pricing are supported:

  • as booked (with the same classes of service as booked)
  • Best Buy - cross class low fare pricing
  • Alternate itineraries
    • suggests (where possible) alternate itineraries for the journey booked in PNR (in this case the response will also show the recommended flights in the ItineraryPriceRS/FareGroup/OriginDestination section).
    • Corresponding GDS equivalents are:
      • Sabre - WPNI,
      • Apollo - $BBQ,
      • Worldspan - 4PLI
  • Shop for ticket exchange options
    • This mode allows to shop for alternate itinerararies which qualify for a ticket exchange.
      It requires access to the PNR from which original tickets were issued and access to the original ticket itself which both need to be specified in ItineraryPriceRQ.
      The client application needs to specify an /ItineraryPriceRQ/InExchangeFor/OriginDestination element for each OD that is desired on the new ticket resulting from the exchange transaction. If an OD should be kept as-is, OriginDestination/@Preserve can be set to 'FlightsAndFares' to keep original flights along with the original fare or to 'Flights' to keep only the flights but accept a different fare or to 'Connections' to keep only the connection points between departure and arrival points (not all Preserve modes are supported by every reshop engine). For example, if the originally ticketed itinerary is:
          FRA-ATL  DL 1234 2019-01-01
          ATL-KOA DL 4567 2019-01-01
          KOA-ATL DL 9654 2019-01-08
          ATL-FRA  DL 4321 2019-01-08
      and the client requires to change only the return flight KOA-FRA to a later date, then OriginDestination[1]/@Preserve can be set to 'Flights' and needs to be omitted for OriginDestination[2]
    • Corresponding GDS equivalents are:
      • Amadeus 'Amadeus Ticket Changer - Shopper' (ATC Shopper)
      • Sabre 'Automated Exchanges Shop' (WFRS).