When using the Sabre system


All users of the Sabre System are required to comply with the following restrictions imposed by Sabre.

1. Definitions

In this policy:

(a)   “Approved Supplier” means a supplier of air reservations or non-air (hotel, car, rail, etc.) reservations that is listed in one of the tables in this Policy.

(b)   “Comparison Search” means a Supplemental Content search through the use of PASS’s software where the Sabre System is also searched through the use of PASS’s software for the same request, for the same user, and for the same city pair, for the same airline within twenty four hours of such Supplemental Content search. For purposes of clarification, this applies to air content only.

(c)    “Other Sources” means sources of fares or inventory that are not Approved Suppliers.

(d)   “Like Fare” means, with regard to air travel, an available seat on the same flight itinerary and the same flight number(s) for the same dates and the same fare type with the fare available in Sabre less an allowance of $5.00 and any channel distribution fees on the Sabre fare (as described on eservices.sabre.com or its successor site and changed from time to time), being equal to or less than the fare available in the Supplemental Content source.

(e)   “Supplemental Content” means fares or inventory available from Other Sources.

(f)     “Supplemental Content Reservation” means a reservation for Supplemental Content that is created as a result of directly or indirectly utilizing the PASS software in a way that involves interfacing with the Sabre System in any manner to facilitate shopping or booking Supplemental Content.  A Supplemental Content Reservation also means a reservation that is made outside the Sabre System that is then recorded in the Sabre System by a User either directly or indirectly utilizing the PASS software (usually also referred to as ‘passive segment’.


2. Air Bookings

(a)  Subject to Section 2(c) below, air bookings made outside the Sabre System may be added to the Sabre System using passive segments. However, no such bookings may be added to the Sabre System unless they have been obtained from an Approved Supplier and, if made using PASS’s Corporate Booking Tool, a Comparison Search has been performed.

(b)  When PASS’s Corporate Booking Tool is used to interface or communicate with the Sabre System in connection with a Comparison Search and this Comparison Search results in a booking or completed transaction outside of the Sabre System, that reservation must be merged back into a Sabre Passenger Name Record utilizing passive YK segments. When a Like Fare is available in Sabre, the reservation must be made in the Sabre System.

(c)   The Sabre System may not be used to add any booking based on an airfare obtained directly from an airline that is not an Approved Supplier.


3. Non-Air Bookings (Hotel, Car, Rail, Tour, etc.)

(a)       Non-air bookings made outside the Sabre System may be added to the Sabre System using passive segments. However, no such bookings may be added to the Sabre System unless they have been obtained from an Approved Supplier.


4. Approved Suppliers for Air Bookings


Airlines (IATA Code)

  • Air Arabia (G9)
  • Air Arabia Egypt (E5)
  • Air Arabia Maroc (3O)
  • Air Asia (AK)
  • Air Asia India (I5)
  • Air Asia X (D7)
  • Air Berlin (AB)
  • Air Blue (PA)
  • Air Chathams (CV)
  • Air India express (IX)
  • Air Norway (M3)
  • Airkenya (P2)
  • AIS Airlines (IS)
  • Allegiant Air (G4)
  • Asia Atlantic Airlines (HB)
  • Atlas Atlantique Airlines (L5)
  • Bergen Air Transport (-)
  • Blue Air (0B)
  • Borajet (YB)
  • Calafia Airlines (A7)
  • Cebu Pacific (5J)
  • Citilink (QG)
  • City Wings (V9)
  • Cobolt (CO)
  • Condor (DE)
  • Corendon (XC)
  • Daailo Airlines (D3)
  • Danish Air Transport (DX)
  • Eastar Jet (ZE)
  • EasyJet (U2)
  • Edelweiss Air (WK)
  • Eurowings (EW)
  • Fast Jet (FN)
  • FireFly (FY)
  • Fly Dubai (FZ)
  • Flybe (BE)
  • Flyme (VP)
  • FlySafair (FA)
  • Freebird Airlines (FH)
  • GO Air (G8)
  • Helvetic (2L)
  • Hinterland Aviation (OI)
  • HK Express (UO)
  • IndiGo (6E)
  • Indonesia AirAsia (QZ)
  • Jazeera Airways (J9)
  • Jet2 (LS)
  • Jetstar B2B (JQ)
  • Jubba Airways (3J)
  • Lanmei Airlines (LQ)
  • LionAir (JT)
  • LionAir Thai (SL)
  • Lydd Air (-)
  • Maldivian (Q2)
  • Mango (JE)
  • Monarch Airlines (ZB)
  • Nature Air (5C)
  • Neos (NO)
  • Nok Air (DD)
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle (DY)
  • Olympic (2C)
  • Orient Thai Airlines (OX)
  • Passaredo (2Z)
  • Peach (MM)
  • Philippines AirAsia (Z2)
  • Primera Air Nordic (6F)
  • Primera Air Scandinavia (PF)
  • Probeda Airlines (DP)
  • Regional Express (ZL)
  • Ryanair (FR)
  • SalamAir (OV)
  • Scoot (TZ)
  • Shaheen Air (NL)
  • Sharp Airlines (SH)
  • Sky Airline (H2)
  • Skymark Airlines (BC)
  • Skytrans (Q6)
  • SmartWings (QS)
  • Southwest Airlines (WN)
  • Spice Jet (SG)
  • Spring Airlines (9C)
  • Susi Air (SI)
  • Tailwind Airlines (TI)
  • TAR Aerolineas (YQ)
  • Thai AirAsia (FD)
  • Thomson Airways (BY)
  • Transavia (HV)
  • TravelFly (7M)
  • Trigana (IL)
  • TUIFly (X3)
  • T'way Air (TW)
  • Vanilla Air (JW)
  • VietJet Air (VJ)
  • Virgin Australia (VA)
  • Volaris (Y4)
  • Wizz Air (W6)
  • XpressAir (XN)
  • Yeti Airlines (YT)


5. Approved Suppliers for Non-Air Bookings



  • Alliance Travel Network (ARN)
  • Booking.com
  • CenterParcs
  • CorporateRatesClub (CRC)
  • Expedia (EAN)
  • eHotel
  • Gulliver’s Travel Associates (GTA)
  • Hotel Beds
  • HRS 
  • Northstar Travel Media (NTM)



  • Avis
  • Britz
  • Dollar / Thrifty
  • ElMonte
  • Europcar
  • Ocean Bus
  • Sixt
  • Vanguard (Alamo, National) 



  • Amtrak
  • Deutsche Bahn
  • SilverRail


Tour & Other

  • JonView
  • Qantas – non air only
  • Tourism Holdings Limited



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