Runtime Modules:xxdotnetclient.dll   (The .NET Client Library is available for Windows only.)
.NET Framework version required:4.5
Setup:Put xxdotnetclient in your application path
Main Class:XXDotNetClient

You can download the client software and examples in our Download-Section, if you are logged in.

XXDotNetClient Object Methods

Return TypeMethod NameMethod parametersDefault ValueDescription
voidset_Host(String strHost)localhostSets server IP address or URL value.
Stringget_Host()-Returns the current IP address or URL value.
voidset_Port(long lPort)

non-SSL: 8800

SSL: 443

Sets server SOAP port value.
longget_Port()-Returns the current SOAP port value.
voidset_TC(String strTC)-Sets transaction control data (TC).
Stringget_TC()-Returns the current transaction control data value (TC).
Stringget_Error()-Returns error code value.
voidset_SSL(bool bSSL)falseSets TLS with 128-bit data encryption.
boolget_SSL()-Returns true or false depending on whether SSL is activated or not.
voidset_Native(bool bNative)falseSets the mode to send request in providers native format.
boolget_Native()-Returns true or false depending on whether native sending mode is activated or not.
voidset_Compress(bool bCompress)trueSets data compression. (Recommended for performance reasons).
boolget_Compress()-Returns true or false depending on whether compression is activated or not.
voidset_Timeout(long iTimeout)360Sets the timeout value for waiting response time in seconds.
longget_Timeout()-Returns timeout value in seconds.
voidset_ProxyHost(String strProxyHost)-Sets proxy server IP-address or URL.
Stringget_ProxyHost()-Returns current proxy server IP-address or URL
voidset_ProxyPort(int iProxyPort)-Sets proxy server port value.
intget_ProxyPort()-Returns current proxy server port value.
boolset_EnableCertAuth(bool bValue)trueAccessing an XX1 server via SSL by its IP address instead of its domain name will fail with an SSL certificate authentication error if the SSL certificate is only valid for the domain name. This method allows disabling SSL certificate authentication.
boolget_EnableCertAuth()-Returns true or false depending on whether certificate validation is activated or not.

Locks a session on the host and carries a context.


  • 1 for successful GetSession
  • 0 for unsuccessful GetSession.
longReleaseSession(long lSession)-

Unlocks a session previously locked with GetSession.


  • 1 for successful ReleaseSession
  • 0 for unsuccessful ReleaseSession.
StringTransaction(String strReq)-Performs the current transaction. Sends the XX1 request data to server and receives the response.